Boys with shovels

Sam and Dave dig a hole

This story about determination, resilience and perseverance shows that sometimes the real treasure is sharing an experience with a friend.

Satellite in space

Satellites: Help from space

Satellites not only satisfy our curiosity about the universe but also serve very practical purposes. Can you think of times when you felt grateful for the help of satellites?

preschool aged boy blowing bubbles

Can you blow bubbles on the Moon?

Bubbles are fascinating: The spherical shape, the sheen and the rainbow colours, the way they float and move with the air currents… They are a source of wonder; but how do they form? What makes them pop? What holds them together? AND can you blow bubbles on the Moon?

Ten little pirates - book cover

Ten little pirates

Beyond the obviously STEM-relevant counting backwards, there is a wealth of discussion points in this story, from weather to sea animals.

Scales, salt and pepper and napkins

Maths myths

Half of our workshop participants have negative associations with this STEM subject. How are we supposed to kindle the children’s joy of mathematics if we are terrified of it?

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