Wooden thermometer close up

It’s hot in here

This playful activity is a wonderful way to extend the vocabulary of temperature. The idea that people experience temperature differently and that ‘hotness’ is not fixed is fascinating to children.

Teddy bears in window

We’re going on a bear hunt

At Little Scientists we take STEM in the everyday very seriously. Seriously fun. These activities are straight from our Professional development workshops Mathematics: shape and space. Which is all about spotting the Mathematics in everyday life. This is a wonderful activity for both very young and older preschoolers. It is designed to add everyday mathematical language into playtime.

3 marbles on bench

Build a marble run

A marble run is a great activity for children to hone in on their engineering skills whilst having a lot of fun! Although not essential, a large cork board can be helpful to begin the project and attach the track to. You could also begin with a large box or you could attach the run directly to a wall using blue tack.

Girl with basket of easter eggs

Using a treasure map on an Easter egg hunt

A treasure hunt is a great opportunity for everyday mathematical exploration. A good way to start this exploration is to investigate maps of familiar places. See if you can find maps online of familiar places such as the zoo, a local recreational area, a shopping centre.

Kids taping floor to make shapes

Make a Kandinsky artwork

This is another great art and mathematics activity. Naming the shapes, talking about the angles formed and deciding where the tape should go. Try to discuss the different attributes of the shapes as you colour them in.

one shape fitting into another shape

Tiling and tessellations

Maurits Cornelis (MC) Escher was an amazing Dutch graphic artist and mathematician who created some magical, mathematical artworks. We encourage you to research him a little more if you and your children are interested!…

woman blowing bubbles with straw into blue liquid

What shape is a bubble

When people think of mathematics they tend to think of numbers and numeracy but actually there are some wonderful mathematics activities for children that doesn’t involve ‘doing sums’. Spotting patterns is an important part of mathematical  abstraction and the following activities are fun, and a wonderful artistic introduction to patterns…

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