National Science Week 2021

We hope you find some inspiration in our food-related articles and book posts to go with this year’s National Science Week theme, Food – different by design.

We are also hosting a range of exciting online events including a simultaneous morning tea, the Inspire STEM series – Food different by design and two STEM Hours: Exploring Bush Tucker and Food for thought – philosophical inquiry with children. Be sure to check them out.

Cup of milk that has spilt

No good crying over spilt milk

This is a lovely design and technology experience. Children can look at the table setting and decide what objects are ‘fit for purpose’: What is it about the jug that makes it easy to pour? They learn about table settings, whether the knife goes on the right or left. What if you are left-handed?

Baby holding up a heavy barbell with weights

Avocado baby

The baby in this story grows ridiculously strong from eating avocados, so much so that he can fight off burglars and move furniture around. Discuss some of the topics touched on by the story. What makes you strong? What can and can’t babies do? Do certain types of food make you strong?…

sliced fruit on a wooden board

Sinking or floating: Fruit

One of our wonderful Local Network Partners up in North Queensland, Jim Callan, contacted me the other day to talk about a new STEM exploration called floating oranges. He told me that oranges with peel on float and if you take the peel o, they sink. He challenged me to nd out whether it worked for other fruit.

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