Spotted eagle ray swimming along ocean floor

Movement: The dance of the rays

Rays, including manta rays, stingrays and spotted eagle rays move in a particularly graceful way – a swirling dance I will never tire of. Immerse yourself in the children’s classic Commotion in the ocean and you too will fall in love with the movement of the oceans.

Sea otter swimming

Engineering: Sea otters

Who doesn’t love sea otters? And, now I know they have pockets and favourite rocks, I love them even more! Otters are tool users. They select special rocks that are suitable for cracking open clams and molluscs and store these rocks in the baggy pockets of loose skin they have under each forearm. What tools do humans use?


Unique identifiers: Seahorses

Each seahorse has a crown, called a coronet, which is a unique identifier. Just like seahorses can be distinguished by their coronets, humans can be distinguished by their fingerprints. Encourage the children to investigate their own fingerprints and compare them with others’.

Sea turtle swimming in ocean

Tessellation: Sea turtles

What do you know about tessellations and why do turtle shells form hexagons? My hypothesis is that hexagons have a larger surface area to smaller perimeter ratio. What is your hypothesis? What are the children’s?

Dolphin jumping through a wave

Hearing without ears: Dolphins

Do dolphins and whales have ears? How do earthworms hear? Why are ears shaped the way they are? Would dolphins and whales create more drag if they had external ears? Does long hair make a difference when moving through water? This STEM activity examines these questions and much more.

Blue Whale

Weightlifting: Blue whales

The blue whale is the biggest animal that has ever lived (that we know of), bigger than an elephant and bigger than any of the dinosaurs we have found. This activity explores one of the reasons why it has been able to evolve to be SO BIG!

Lady swimming with Shark

Shark Lady

The story of the Shark Lady is a great way to encourage children to find ways to pursue their dreams and their quest for knowledge. Eugenie Clark, the girl fascinated by her experiences at the aquarium, grows up to become the Shark Lady, discovering three new marine species and dispelling myths about sharks…

Pink octopus in ocean

Commotion in the ocean

Dive into the colourful and exciting world of blubber, tusks, jaws and fins with this vibrant book. Can the children walk like crabs? How do other animals move? Learn how dolphins speak and think about how other animals communicate.

Ocean with seaweed


Reading this story about one brave fish and his friends may inspire conversations about optical illusions, camouflage, food chains and how animals stay safe from predators.

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