Moonwalkers book cover


The story of how the Moon landing inspired some creative play and imaginary space travel.

Many Moons book cover

Many Moons

Learn about the phases of the Moon through bold illustrations that compare the different shapes of the Moon to everyday objects.

Give me some space

Give me some space

ALIA National Simultaneous Storytime 2021 book ‘Give me some space’ describes the creativity, engineering abilities, adventures and observations of space enthusiast Una.

Full moon

The phases of the Moon

The terms waning, waxing, gibbous, full moon and new moon are terms we use to describe the Moon. We also might use the word phase. All of these can be explained with a little imagination and some playful experimenting.

Aliens wearing underpants

Aliens love underpants

This is a story about a bunch of fun-loving, colourful and friendly aliens, whose only purpose for visiting Earth is to get their hands on some underpants. Get creative and dream up your own stories about why aliens might want to visit us.

Satellite in space

Satellites: Help from space

Satellites not only serve very practical purposes but also satisfy our curiosity about the universe. We wouldn’t know as much about space without astronomical satellites like the Hubble Space Telescope and the other research satellites out there.

preschool aged boy blowing bubbles

Can you blow bubbles on the Moon?

Bubbles are fascinating: The spherical shape, the sheen and the rainbow colours, the way they float and move with the air currents… They are a source of wonder; but how do they form? What makes them pop? What holds them together? AND can you blow bubbles on the Moon?

Astronaut on moon with American flag erected

A giant leap for technology

Technology has changed rapidly in the last 50 years. An investigation into changes in telephone technology or pictures of old cars can spark many conversations. These might lead into a closer investigation of form and functionality then and now and how technology affects everyday life.

moon phases

The moon has a round face

My Dad taught us this game. It’s a common campfire game and it’s annoying. I like to use it to spark a conversation about the Moon and its attributes. AND it’s a great way of discovering the children’s prior knowledge.

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