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Sustainability is an important topic, not just in early childhood education. These resources may help you spark conversations or explorations around sustainability with the children in your daily practice.

We are also offering two webinars that look at sustainability from two different angles. In August, our panel of experts will discuss Indigenous perspectives on sustainability and in September, another panel will look into Engineering for a sustainable future.

Family tree book cover

Family tree

Capturing the essence of Belonging, Being and Becoming, the book could start research into seeds and discussions on environmental topics.

Women working with bee hive

Bee bee-friendly

Have you considered getting your service involved with bees? In this interview, a beekeeper explains how to provide a bee-friendly environment and to protect bees at the same time.

Apple falling from tree

The giving tree

We’re taking a contemporary look at the classic story of a tree that gives everything to the boy it loves until it is reduced to its stump.

Wolf standing in a hotel elevator


When Wolfred takes on a job operating a hotel elevator, he starts to investigate, and the children can join him on his journey of discovery!

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