Sustainability is an important topic, not just in early childhood education. We have put together some resources that may help you spark conversations or explorations around sustainability with the children in your daily practice.

Our online workshop on 15 and 22 February 2022, Inspire Sustainability, focuses on Embedding sustainability in your educational service or setting.

Fox following a hen past a hen house

Rosie’s walk

This quick and simple story will help you get the attention of all children and works well with the younger ones. Encourage them to map a course for Rosie through the centre, with traps and hurdles for the fox. This is a great opportunity to expand on the language…

girl stirring a big pot

Compost stew

Use this book as a starting point for your next compost project in your service. If you don’t have the possibility to make a compost in your service let the children draw their own compost stew. What ingredients can and can’t they put into a compost? Why? What do they think happens…

Book cover: Heads and Tails by John Canty

Heads and tails

Play a little guessing game as you’re shown just the tails of a number of insects alongside descriptions of their attributes, behaviours, habitats and movements. How many insects can the children recognise…

Uno in his jungle surrounded by plants and fictional animals

Uno’s garden

Uno’s story is a wonderful starting point for discussing a number of important issues and concepts with the children, such as numbers and their growth, cause and effect, ethics and action, and personal and communal responsibility for the environment with the children…

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