Book cover: Alexander's Outing - Ducks walking in a line

Alexander’s outing

The story of the little duck stuck at the bottom of a hole opens up many possible STEM explorations, including problem-solving tasks and engineering challenges.

Picking plastic bottle out of waterway

Clean up the mess

Impactful early experiences help to shape our personality and create personal life-long values. Cleaning your local stream, building a water purification system or investigating other ways to protect our environment in a child-led way, could be the spark to ignite the passion for sustainability.

Carbonated water being poured into glass

Sparkling water

At Little Scientists, we are all about spotting STEM opportunities in the everyday. Exploring with sparkling water, or to children more commonly known as fizzy water, might not be an everyday occurrence but is a fascinating way to introduce gases (in this case carbon dioxide) and if you have access to a soda stream, it could be even more fun!

sliced fruit on a wooden board

Sinking or floating: Fruit

One of our wonderful Local Network Partners up in North Queensland, Jim Callan, contacted me the other day to talk about a new STEM exploration called floating oranges. He told me that oranges with peel on float and if you take the peel o, they sink. He challenged me to nd out whether it worked for other fruit.

oil floating in water

Sinking or floating: Liquids

Oil at sea can be a problem. In 2010, BP’s Deepwater Horizon spill discharged 4 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, of which only 810,000 barrels of oil were collected. It was the largest marine oil spill in history. As a result, much of the oil was washed ashore by the tide making the beach dirty and causing massive problems for wildlife.

ice cubes with various spices on them

What melts?

At Little Scientists, we love this activity. Science with a bit of spice! In this activity we want to find out, which spices helps melt the ice fastest! Let the children choose their own spices and let them explain why they choose their spice selection!

Girl and boy examining coloured glasses of water

Water filtration systems

While most children playing in the mud kitchen just pretended to drink their ‘cups of tea’, one child did drink the dirty water, which started a discussion on why we should not do that. When one of the educators showed the children a video about parts of the world without access to clean drinking water, the children decided to invent a water filtration system.

crocodile in inflatable ring

The crocodile who didn’t like water

This lovely story about finding the balance of trying to fit in while accepting your differences is a great starting point for discussing animal and human behaviours. Do cats and dogs like being in the water? Which animals like being in water?

three indigenous women in front of indigenous painting

Big rain coming

‘Big rain coming’ is a lyrical story about waiting for the rain. Old Stephen wisely predicts throughout the book that rain is coming. Predictions can serve as hypotheses during scientific research. What do the children already know about rain and what stories shape their understanding? What do animals and people do when there is no water?

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