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Yuji Ono

Yuji Ono
STEM Leader since August 1, 2020.

Yuji Ono, Sydney, NSW

I have worked in early childhood education for 5 years. My current role is 'Early Childhood Educator' in the Toddler Room.

My professional interests…  

Arts & crafts exploration, creating inquisitive environments, STEM exploration with young children (2-3 years of age).

I am a fan of inquiry-based STEM learning because…

Inquiry-based STEM learning contributes to an education system for the 21st century. These practices enhance skills and abilities for the new generation such as spontaneity, creativity, critical reflection and the ability to solve problems. STEM inquiry supports children to become well-adjusted to a global society with rapid technological developments.

I am an advocate for inquiry-based practices because they enable educators to enhance children’s self-efficacy though intrinsic motivation, self-directed learning and child-led problem-solving.

My favourite Little Scientists workshop is…

I don’t have a favorite. I love all of them because each workshop offers new insights and some techniques for implementation into practice. I also always enjoy the opportunity to share and collect ideas from other early childhood educators in the workshops. Very helpful!

My favourite STEM exploration with children… 

One of my all-time favourites is the exploration of our new aquarium. We recently decided to get an aquarium with pet fish which has significantly enhanced our children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for the natural world. Our fish are the perfect first pets for our group because caring for them has taught both my team and our children important hands-on life skills.

Early education without STEM is…

Dramatically reduce children’s learning opportunities and limit their curiosity. STEM learning enhances all important learning areas including fine and gross motor skills, language development and social, emotional and cognitive skills. STEM is amazing!

In terms of STEM, I encourage my children… 

To take the initiative to learn and discover new things. They are the ones who lead the learning. I am there to guide them through the process and to anchor important learnings in the children’s memory through conversation and reflection.

My role in the children’s discovery and research is to…

To set up a learning environment filled with age-appropriate learning opportunities and to facilitate their learning through observation, asking questions and learning together.

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