Educational approach

Watch the videos below to learn about the Little Scientists educational approach.

Inquiry-based STEM

1. Introduction - our educational approach

Our workshop content team has developed a series of videos introducing the fundamentals of inquiry-based learning. Check out this first one to meet our experienced trainers Hayley, Lena and Heike.

2. Inquiry-based learning in early-childhood

Watch our trainers Lena and Hayley explain why their own personal learning experiences strengthen their belief in inquiry-based learning and find out from Heike why inquiry-based learning and STEM are such a good fit.

3. How children learn

Hayley, Lena and Heike discuss how children learn. Find out about the importance of prior knowledge, context, relevance and involvement in early childhood education. Hear our trainers talk about how play-based learning, hands-on activities and reflection help children learn.

4. Co-constructed environments

Hayley, Lena and Heike talk about the importance of co-constructed environments. Hayley reports that she enjoys visiting our Little Scientists Houses because of their atmosphere of respect and inquisitiveness that is the foundation of co-constructed learning environments.

5. Role of the educator in co-constructed environments

The focus of this video is the role of the educator in a co-constructed environment, with enthusiasm, excitement and encouragement being key terms in this conversation. Inquiry-based STEM learning can be so much fun for children and adults alike!

6. Key points

If you’re going to watch just one of the videos, it should be this final one of Heike summarising the key points. However, by skipping ahead, you’re missing out on hearing the team talk about their experiences.

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