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Swinging, running, jumping, falling: Physical forces are all part of the fun and children love to explore their effects. Explore physical forces while leveraging, lifting, swinging and moving and unleash your inner engineer.

Are you an inventor or do you like to immerse yourself into step-by-step instructions? Discover how to playfully integrate technical education into a nurturing learning environment in this STEM engineering workshop.

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This workshop…

About this workshop

During this seven-hour workshop, you will explore the impact of physical forces through leveraging, lifting, swinging and moving and investigate how engineers utilise these forces. You will define the purpose of engineering and consider what a world without engineering would be like.

The workshop will help you recognise opportunities for technical learning in everyday life and show you how to scaffold children’s eagerness to invent, produce, analyse and experiment. You will recognise individual preferences in technical education and explore your own technical approach.

By the end of this workshop, you will know how to integrate technical education into your setting in age-appropriate ways.

Topic description

This STEM learning opportunity will help you:

  • learn how to recognise opportunities for technical education
  • explore invention, production, analysis and experimentation as facets of engineering
  • recognise individual preferences in technical education and explore your own technical approach
  • discover physical forces while leveraging, lifting, swinging and moving
  • benefit from the exchange with like-minded educators and reflect on your current practice

You will also receive comprehensive materials with lots of STEM ideas and information about inquiry-based practices.

Who should do this course?

This workshop is designed for early childhood educators and teachers, educational leaders and leaders with managerial responsibilities.

There are no prerequisites for this STEM Engineering workshop. Prior STEM knowledge is not required.

Something to think about before the workshop:

  • What do children love to invent, test, analyse or produce?
  • How do I approach technical issues?
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Duration: 1 day | Cost: $215pp 
100% of profits from your booking fee are used in funding towards education projects, such as a literacy program for young girls.

Bring a friend

We know from experience, that people who come along with a friend or colleague tend to get more out of the workshops.

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