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Mathematics STEM workshop

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Pattern recognition in early childhood

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About this workshop

During this seven-hour workshop, you will immerse yourself in creative mathematical experiences, discover the beauty of mathematics and learn how to notice opportunities for mathematical learning. You will discover the potential of play for the development of mathematical skills, overcome reservations and develop self-confidence in your abilities to engage children in mathematics.

The workshop will provide you will a variety of ideas for age-appropriate mathematical learning in everyday activities. By the end of this workshop, you will be confident to include mathematics into your practice.

This workshop aligns with the principles, practices and outcomes of the EYLF, NQF and the Australian Curriculum.

Topic description

This STEM learning opportunity will help you:

  • learn how to recognise opportunities for mathematical learning
  • discover the potential of play for the development of mathematical skills
  • immerse yourself in creative mathematical experiences
  • develop self-confidence in your abilities to engage children in mathematics
  • benefit from the exchange with like-minded educators and reflect on your current practice
  • feel confident in unlocking the wonders of STEM

You will also receive comprehensive materials with lots of STEM ideas and information about inquiry-based practices.

Who should do this course?

This workshop is designed for early childhood educators and teachers, educational leaders and leaders with managerial responsibilities.

There are no prerequisites for this STEM Mathematics workshop. Prior STEM knowledge is not required.

Something to think about before the workshop:

  • How do I feel about maths?
  • What was the last mathematics experience the children in your setting had?
Learn to unlock the wonders of STEM - Mathematics

Bring a friend

We know from experience, that people who come along with a friend or colleague tend to get more out of the workshops.

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Good to know

  • Hands-on and interactive
  • Exchange with like-minded people
  • Practical and reflective phases
  • Focus on implementation into practice
  • Aligned with EYLF, NQF and Australian Curriculum

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