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What you will learn in a Mathematics Workshop

In this hands-on workshop, immerse yourself in creative maths experiences, learn to identify opportunities for maths exploration in the everyday, and develop your confidence and enthusiasm for engaging children in this essential topic. Experience the beauty of maths unfold in familiar patterns, shapes, and structures and discover the potential of play in the development of mathematical skills.

Learn to create rich STEM learning experiences through the exciting topic of maths and use it as a topic through which to teach the outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework. Age-appropriate mathematical learning activities may include: 

  • Investigate different types of symmetries in cut fruit and vegetables. 
  • Design and build a tool to help draw an ellipse. 
  • Search for traces in the sand and investigate the objects that made them. 
  • Play with perspectives and try concealing a large object with a small object. 
  • Build a staircase with toy blocks or up the challenge to a spiral staircase. 
  • Discover tessellations and design your own Escher-like mathematical artwork. 

Pedagogical topic: Pattern recognition

This important professional development workshop will develop your confidence in engaging children in mathematics and recognise opportunities for joyful and playful mathematical learning in your service. By the end of the workshop, you will gain the ability to support children to: 

  • Interpret symbols and recognise plans and maps. 
  • Understand visual perception and spatial thinking. 
  • Solve mathematical problems in a structured and methodical manner. 
  • Develop mathematical competencies relating to shape and space through play. 
  • Recognise mathematical correlations, explain assumptions, and employ a critical lens. 
  • Communicate approaches to mathematical problems through comprehension, explaining, and presenting.

STEM learning outcomes

This STEM workshop will provide you with the following learning outcomes through the specific lens of mathematics:  

  • Uncover how early education can foster children’s metacognitive development.  
  • The confidence to tap into, guide, and focus children’s natural interests and abilities.  
  • Understand the important role of inquiry-based learning and co-construction in early education.  
  • The confidence to pass on your new knowledge and skills to your colleagues and to become a STEM champion in your service. 
  • Learn how communication, reflection, and questioning can enhance children’s ability to think about their own learning.  
  • Exchange ideas and experiences with other like-minded educators and reflect on your current practice.  
  • Receive comprehensive topic-specific materials with educational STEM ideas and information about inquiry-based practices.

Who should do this course?

This workshop is designed for all early childhood educators and teachers, as well as educators with managerial responsibilities. No prior STEM knowledge required.  

Something to think about before the workshop:

  • How do I feel about maths?
  • What was the last mathematics experience the children in my setting had?

Find a workshop

Tue 20th Feb 2024,

STEM Mathematics Workshop, 20 February 2024, Summer Hill NSW

STEM in-service PD

Don’t see a workshop near you? Book an in-service workshop to immerse your team in hands-on inquiry-based STEM learning without leaving your service.

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