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Our online STEM workshops provide teachers and educators with a variety of tools and educational concepts to meet a range of requirements of the NQF and the EYLF. 

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Online workshops

Inspire STEM - Explore, play, reflect

Completing the Inspire STEM Webinar Series – ONLINE will contribute 3 hours of NESA Elective Professional Development.

Completing this online webinar series will contribute 3 hours for online workshops of ACT Teacher Quality Institute (TQI) registered PD.

Upcoming Inspire STEM topics
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Jun 2022Australian dinosaurs, megafauna and fossils

Aug 2022: Glass: more than meets the eye

Sep 2022: Explore space, play, reflect

STEM education is so much more than factual answers to complex questions and Little Scientists will show you how easy and uncomplicated it can be.

In a series of live online workshops, Little Scientists will introduce the concepts, methods and skills to early childhood teachers and educators. We will show you some simple techniques to cultivate children’s skills and excitement for STEM exploration, and our hands-on session will enrich your repertoire of STEM activities.

INSPIRE STEM - 2 & 9 June 2022 (2-part online workshop)

Come and investigate with us the creatures that used to call Australia home and their habitats. From famous fossil sites across Australia to the wombat-like diprotodon and other megafauna, we will explore practical, hands-on ways of investigating Australia’s findings in the fossil record. We will suggest hands-on investigations and other ways of sparking not only children’s but your own curiosity.

INSPIRE STEM - 2 & 9 August 2022 (2-part online workshop)

Are you ready for National Science Week? This year’s theme is Glass: more than meets the eye. Let Little Scientists help you discover a world of illusions. Explore the world beyond the mirror where nothing is as it seems. 

INSPIRE STEM - 15 September & 22 September 2022 (2-part online workshop)

Come explore space with us – from Earth to the beyond. You will be delighted and inspired by our hands-on, inquiry-based approach to STEM learning.

Young children are full of questions about the world they live in: “Can you blow bubbles in space?” “What’s the Moon made of?” “Why do astronauts float?” – Have you ever wondered how to answer their big questions?

For shorter, more theory-focused professional development, check out our STEM Hour webinars.
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