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Our STEM webinars provide educators and teachers with expert insights on current topics in early childhood education.

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In this monthly webinar series, Little Scientists hosts panel discussions with experts and leaders from different fields. Our guests take you on a journey through their field and link their passion to yours, connecting STEM with early childhood education.

You can attend each episode live or watch a recording later. Cost: $30 per session.

Little Scientists is working on making our online content accessible for all. Our webinars and online workshops now have an option for participants to choose live transcriptions. All constructive feedback regarding the accessibility or usability of our website and services is welcome and will be carefully considered. 

STEM HOUR - 2 February 2023

The building blocks of the universe – introducing atoms in the early years

Traditionally, students do not learn about atoms and molecules until they are well into high school, yet they are really important! Invisible to the naked eye, atoms are the building blocks of everything in the known universe and the basis of scientific understanding. So how do educators teach such abstract concepts to young children and make them more tangible?

In this webinar, special guest Ruben Meerman, aka the Surfing Scientist, will help you become familiar with basic atomic theory and show you how to make the intangible, tangible!

STEM HOUR - 2 March 2023

The big blue planet - our oceans & our unique home, Earth

Planet Earth’s oceans are the defining features that make our planet unique and habitable. This year, Sea Week is focusing on how all of earth’s living systems are intrinsically interconnected to the oceans.

Join this webinar and find out more about our big blue planet and introducing marine sciences in the early years. Our panel will discuss ways of celebrating the sea, whether you live by the oceans or not and give you practical ideas to implement STEM and ocean literacy learning in your classroom.

STEM HOUR - 6 April 2023

Supporting neurodivergent learners through STEM inquiry

Students with autism, ADHD and other learning disabilities are often left behind when it comes to STEM learning. With 30-40% of students in a classroom having neurodivergent brains, it is essential for educators to understand how to support ALL students in STEM education.

In this webinar, special guest Dr Lorien Parker, aka Dr Loz, will explain the different types of brains in your classrooms and will discuss why and how to best support neurodivergent learners with hands-on STEM inquiry.

Upcoming STEM Hour Webinars

May 2023: Building communities – including families with STEM
July 2023: Celebrating Australia’s First Scientists
Aug 2023: Astronomy – the science of celestial bodies
Sept 2023: STEM inquiry and childhood development
Oct 2023: Mathematics learning trajectories
Nov 2023: Connecting children with nature
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